Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Final reflections

 Sorry I let you down. If your reading this your probably thinking, " Kaedyn must've not finished." That is very true.  As you might know, my risk was attempting to make a 360 or helicopter on my skis. Necessary terrain parks at Winter park were not open. The only terrain park that I know of was open was at Copper and the only thing there was a halfpipe. This did tech me some things though. First off risk taking can be difficult in many different ways. This also thought me that I should just sometimes wing it  because maybe if i did that I would've made on 360, who knows, even if I hurt myself, that's all part of risk taking. I also did learn something from my interview over text message. He said I should hurt the jump, as I'm getting ready to pop of the jump he said to do a pie position which is winding up and I pop just twist around and look for my landing. I will provide you with two videos of me doing some simple tricks on a jump during a ski run or after a run. I can't just leave with nothing to present. Thanks for reading and make sure to comment. Yol have a good night.

180                                                                              Slow Mo

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


      Saturday the 13th I was able to going skiing in Winter Park. Unfortunately, none of the terrain parks were open. I did do a 180 of a little jump at the end of Golden Spike, a mogul run. Comment on the post and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Goals, Fear, and Dreams

 This process brings me a fear of breaking a bone again. During the first practice run of a freestyle mogul competition, and went of the jump crashed with my skis , goggles, and helmet detached from my body. I almost did a yard sale except I didn't loose my poles.During this accident my thumb broke on the mogul course on the run called Parkway. My goal is to succeed past my goal of accomplishing a 360(helicopter) on my skis and to start learning a 540. My dream though is something that happens after succeeding my goal. It's small but can lead up to something big. Winning first place in a ski comp which could lead up to future winning and then go to the Olympics and world championships of freestyle mogul skiing.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The preparation of this process starts of with buying new skis, bindings, and ski boots. This a pricey process. I hope soon to post about me on the slopes. . By the way, those pictures our of my new ski gear. Make sure to comment on my page  and give me tips. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I have decided to learn how to do a 360(helicopter) on my skis. I'm stoked about this risk taking project and also very nervous. Join me on my frosty adventure and post comments on what I can do better or what I did  good on. By the way, that picture is not me.